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Peroni 0.0 Review

Peroni 0.0 Review

Since their first brewery opened in 1846, the Peroni family have been brewing authentic Italian beer. Using quality local ingredients and fresh ...

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After years of uninformed drinking it was time for a change. This website is for those who want to make informed choices about the alcohol they consume and aims to help provide low alcohol and zero alcohol alternatives that are still packed with flavour.

Whether you choose to drink alcohol or not is a personal choice (and we are not here to judge), but we want to shed light on the world of non-alcoholic drinks – and highlight some of the best tasting options so you can enjoy yourself just as much as with an alcoholic drink when you are going sober.

How We Work

Our resources are written by our writers who all have different experiences with alcohol and soft drinks. Our buying guides and reviews are written without bias and will only contain personal opinions with regards to the products – such as comments on taste and value for money.

Our resources around alcohol consumption and the impact (positive or negative) it can have on those who consume and those around consumers will be written with more personal influence but we encourage all our writers to back up any claims with proven facts or research studies.

We want to build a community of likeminded people and are always on the lookout to share personal stories – good or bad. If you wish to contribute in any way then please contact us at editor@nonalcoholics.co.uk.

We are passionate about having a good time with or without alcohol – but on the whole we aim to promote adult orientated drinks that have zero or very low levels of alcohol.

Where applicable, we may link to products for which we will earn a small commission if you decide to purchase. This does not affect our judgements but it does mean that we can use the income to create further resources and to pay our writers. You will never pay more by clicking on our links and often we try to link you to the best possible prices and provide discount codes where we can.

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