About Us

We are proud of the team we have put together here at Non Alcoholics. We are essentially a predominantly online community of like minded people who for a number of reasons have an interest in grown up drinks that don’t include alcohol.

We have fitness fanatics, recovering alcoholics, doctors, personal trainers and plenty who don’t like to be labelled in any category.

Let’s face it, everyone loves a tasty drink. However, alcohol is not always required and so we have made it our mission to highlight the variety of low and zero alcohol adult drinks that have great flavour but without the negative effects of booze.

Meet Some Of Our Key Players

James Dixon – Resident Health Expert

James is a fully qualified personal trainer and has over 10 years working in the health and fitness industry. 

James takes on most of our informational writing and is heavily involved in research regarding the impact of alcohol on the body and brain.

James has become an invaluable resource for us as we try to bring a science-backed approach to our work.

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