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At Non Alcoholics, we are a bunch of normal guys and gals who love trying non-alcoholic alternatives. And with that, one of the most requested reviews we receive is who delivers the best rum and coke alternative. Not just one that tastes like Coke, but one that actually delivers the genuine taste that you get when you mix a fantastic rum and your leading coke manufacturer.

A lot of people want a non-alcoholic rum and coke in the sun with their lunch (especially in the summer) and we don’t blame them, it’s certainly a thirst quenching drink with lots of spice, citrus and sweet kicks from the coke.

We want something that hits all of the senses in terms of what you would get in a regular rum and coke and try and get as close to a non-alcoholic version of the drink as possible.

We have tried a few alcoholic alternatives in the Rum category including Lyres Spiced Cane Spirit, Stryyk’s Not Rum and also hailing from Germany Laori’s Spiced Number 2. However what I find with a lot of these Rum alternatives is that they are actually too sweet for my pallet. A lot of them contain Caramel to get that burnt sweet texture, however a lot of them really don’t get it right. I get the taste of a non-alcoholic, watered down bourbon with a lot of these and if you like a bourbon and coke, you will love the brands listed above as they all merge into that category.

However we feel that we have come across the closest thing to an alcoholic Rum and Coke you can get through a company setup in the UK. They have dedicated the last 4 years to nailing a recipe that depicts what a real rum and coke should taste like.

What Is The Best Non-Alcoholic Rum?

We have tried a few rum alternatives and quite possibly our favourite is the Clean Co Rum (also known as Clean Co R.) The company was setup by Spencer Matthews of Made in Chelsea in 2019 started with a flagship product of Clean Gin and then with the support of Ursula Burns, former board member of Diageo Brands (Guinness, Bombay Sapphire, Baileys, Don Julio to name a few of theirs) and with a seed investment of £7 million, he decided to venture out and create alternatives for all the major spirits. clean co rum

With lots of taste testing and going through a few production companies to find the perfect flavour combination, Spencer and the team settled on a winning formula for their rum. 

The rum isn’t completely alcohol free and does have a small percentage of alcohol in, however you would have to drink multiple bottles of the drink neat in order to actually get drunk from it and even then you would struggle to do that!

We believe its down to this small percentage of rum and added spice that gives this rum a close to perfect authentic taste. You can tell that Spencer is passionate about the tasting notes that come out of his Clean Co portfolio and being teetotal himself brings the most out of his willingness to find the close to perfect alternatives.

The health benefits keep coming with these drinks as well, having been featured in both Mens and Women’s Health magazine as a great alternative to staying off the booze if you are looking to get healthy, we feel that Clean Co as a brand are focusing a lot more on health and positive drinking, rather than just avoiding all the sweet stuff in the first place.

Spencer seems to be becoming the ‘Steve Jobs’ of the non-alcoholic spirits market as a visionary for always creating a better taste, we seem to be singing his and the Clean Co’s praises to every one of our readers.

We bought 2 bottles of this non-alcoholic Rum a week after buying our first one to test here at because we actually got through it quite quickly, so if you like your rum, we would probably recommend 2 bottles if you are going to be drinking this 2 or 3 times a week.

Now, is it as good as a Spiced Rum and Coke?

Is It As Good As The Real Thing?

With new found, cheaper ways of making alcoholic alternatives, companies have quickly jumped onto the bandwagon as young individuals especially are ditching alcohol for alternatives or soft drinks. The University College London recently undertook a survey on 16-24 year olds, to see how many of them were choosing to drink whilst at College and University, with over 25% of them admitting to class themselves as ‘non-drinkers.’

And with the non-alcoholic market growing at around 9% a year, alternatives are fast becoming a great investment for drinks companies to hone in on.

Now although this Rum specifically in its current format isn’t perfect, we don’t expect it to be. We get that with alcohol, its always going to meet your palette in different ways and give you the fiery sensation at the back of your throat. However this rum goes above and beyond with Cayenne hints and spicy fragrances giving you that aroma and sight that feels like a standard rum and coke.

It’s no lie that we drink with our eyes and nose, so it’s important that the colour matches the rums look and that when you add the cola it doesn’t just smell like a coke.

As a small tip, we would definitely recommend getting yourself a 50ml spirit measure as well for this, just to make sure you get the full taste experience without having to go back to the kitchen again and again to keep topping it up to get the taste right. This with 3/4 of a can of coca-cola suffices for us.

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When we tasted the Clean Co Rum for the first time, we realised that to have the full experience, you need to have this over ice and with a couple of wedges of lime/lemon depending on your drink preferences.

I like stronger versions of these types of drinks so I always go with a double serving of Clean Co Rum, however you may find one is more than suitable to gain the spicy kick.

If you have one of these on a hot summers day, you’ll find yourself wanting more. For me it just gives a cold coke an extra kick due to the spices and citrus additions. I am not a massive fan for sweet drinks, however this is the one you want due to it being so refreshing and an almost perfect alternative to the alcoholic version.

Ginger ale is another great mixer for the Clean Co Rum as both the spice from the cayenne notes and the ginger give this a taste sensation. It is one of Britains long lost mixes, but it still stands up today in our opinion (even if it isn’t alcoholic.)

We also recommend trying a non-alcoholic daiquiri to mix things up for designated driver party guests. This adds a bit of fun and keeps things creative for people who are choosing to not have alcohol. 

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  • Water
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Natural Flavourings
  • Citric Acid
  • Plain Caramel Colour
  • Potassium Sorbate (Preservative)

The only downside to these ingredients in our opinion is that we don’t get a full overview of what the natural flavourings are and for the brand to be ‘Clean’, we would like to see more openness on what these ingredients look like.


  • Actually contains a small amount of rum, but not enough to intoxicate you.
  • Bronze Award Winner at the International Spirits Competition in 2021.
  • 12 calories per serving (unless served without a diet alternative soft drink.)
  • No sugar and no sweeteners. 
  • No hangovers.
  • Vegan, lactose and gluten free.
  • Low cost and plenty of servings.


  • Only buy it if you like sweetness and spiced rum flavours.
  • You may have to put 2 servings in to get the full rum flavoured experience.
  • If you are looking for more natural ingredients, it may be worth looking at a whiskey alternative or more botanical based spirits.non alcoholic rum and coke


Its a great alternative that really is hard to beat. Whether you’re by yourself a just fancy a clean head the next morning or if you have the family round for a BBQ and even think it will be funny to see if they can tell the difference, Clean Co have pulled out all the stops to make this a great tasting rum alternative.

You can find the rum in most major supermarkets, however we tend to find that if you purchase by the bottle or in bulk, you are better off buying online to get the best offer.

Check Latest Price Of Clean Co Rum


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