How To Cut Down On Alcohol

Cutting down on alcohol can be tough, after all theres nothing better after a long day at work than a nice cold beer or glass of wine but this can add up to many bottles or glasses which can be a huge negative on your overall health and wellbeing. If you could find an alternative that hits the same refreshing spot but doesn’t have all the negative health effects why wouldn’t you want the change?

This article will look at the most useful ways we have found to cut down on alcohol and the overall benefits it has on so many different aspects of your life that you may not have even realised. So lets get started and take a look at how to cut down on alcohol…

Have A Set Plan

Having a set plan is key to starting your new journey to cutting down on alcohol. We all know that habits rule our life, whether it’s biting your nails, not drinking enough water, drinking sociably with friends and not being able to turn a drink down. It’s time to create a plan of action that is habitually proven to make it easier to move away from alcohol when you don’t need to drink it.

We aren’t saying no to drinking alcohol altogether, but instead changing the habit of wanting alcohol on a regular basis, to enjoying it when you choose too.

Schedule Set Days To Not Drinking Alcohol

We have found having a schedule for days within the week when you choose to not drink anything alcoholic is a fantastic way to ensure you don’t get into bad drinking habits each and everyday. I personally like to use the days I want to be the most efficient as my days off of alcoholic drinks.

For me its Monday-Thursday and I find that when I get to Friday, I actually look forward to a good glass of wine instead of just buying standard bottles from the supermarket, I feel that I can spend a little bit more on a nicer bottle as I have actually saved throughout the week. It’s quite a satisfying feeling and it’s another thing to look forward to. It doesn’t mean going wild on the Friday and consuming more to catch up, but it just means you appreciate the nicer things a little bit more.

Keep Track Of Your Drinking Intake

note takingWrite down a set amount of alcoholic units you wish to intake each week. And use a diary to note down the amount you want to have on certain days of the week and stay disciplined with this change. You will start to notice the benefits of reducing your weekly alcoholic intake so quickly when staying strict to this diary. The biggest differences I found were going to bed with a clear head, waking up feeling fresh and ready to go and not getting a craving for snacks like crisps or chocolate before bed.

Drink Lower Alcoholic Drinks Or Non Alcoholic Drinks

Grabbing a beer or going for your favourite tipple after work is often tempting, however there have never been so many fantastic alternatives to quench your thirst. We have found changing the usual daily beer for a shandy or for a non alcoholic beer doesn’t feel a big change but is a huge positive for the overall goal to cutting down on alcohol, the biggest positive I found to choosing something with less carbs in was no more feeling bloated and feeling so much more in tune throughout the day.

These days there are plenty of great tasting adult alternatives to alcoholic drinks such as beer – see a list of our favourite non alcoholic beers here.

Less Alcohol In The House

I found that having less alcohol in the house is a must to start with. It stops the urge to grab a quick beer or have a quick glass of wine within those set days you’ve dedicated to not drinking, which can then also result in one or two more bottles/glasses and completely messing up the overall schedule.

Keeping Yourself Busy

Keep yourself busy, whether it’s playing sports, walking or eating out at cafes, I find that generally keeping myself busy is a huge part in avoiding unnecessary drinking at home or feeling the need to ‘go out’ in the evening to go for an alcoholic drink.

What Are The Everyday Benefits Of Drinking Less Alcohol?

Better Sleep

Alcohol has a massive effect on your overall sleep, after drinking alcohol you spend less time in a deep sleep which results in reduced recovery and rest on your body. This also results in less energy the next day and overall reduced focus on your working/daily life. Alcohol can also cause you to wake up easier throughout the night and cause further issues when trying to get yourself back to sleep.

As a result of better sleep you’ll find in your working life that you’ll be making better decisions, improve your learning capabilities, better memory, improved problem solving and creativity within your everyday work life.

Healthier Skin

skin improvement after cutting down on alcoholDrinking less alcohol increases your overall hydration levels and this therefore has huge positive impacts on your skin. Hydrated skin flushes out all the toxins and also carries many different much needed nutrients to the skin cells. Hydrated skin also protects you from wrinkles and acne, making your skin not only feel but look much healthier. Collagen is known as the secret to being youthful in the beauty world and alcohol speeds up the rate collagen is lost from the skin, so there is science to healthier looking skin.

More Energy & More Focus

Theres nothing worse than waking up feeling groggy, sluggish and lacking in any sort of motivation or focus. Telling yourself ‘I’m never drinking again’, to then repeat the process the following week. I found that I started to feel so much more energetic and focused within the first few days. I felt less stressed and anxious within my working environment and overall had a much more positive attitude bringing benefits to myself both mentally and physically.

Less Calories/Weight Gain

According to an NHS study the average person in the UK drinks up to 11.7 units of alcohol each week and this works out to be 1,000 additional calories just from alcoholic drinks each week! In addition to drinking alcohol you’re more likely to make poorer eating decisions with choosing more unhealthy foods and this therefore has a negative ‘snowball effect’ for further unhealthy habits.

Heart & Liver Health Benefits

Drinking less alcohol will have massive benefits on both your heart and liver. Drinking less alcohol lowers your overall blood pressure, lowers your overall body fat (along with a healthy diet) and this therefore decreases the chances of major organ failure. Your liver is also significantly impacted in a positive way when you consume less alcohol, the more you drink the more it causes your liver to accumulate fat and this can potentially lead to further issues like fatty liver disease.

Save More Money

The average UK household spends £18 a week on alcohol, this adding up to £916/year just on household alcohol alone! Not factoring in alcoholic drinks when dining or drinking out. I found that tracking how much I would usually spend on alcohol and comparing it to my new plan and putting together how much I would save gives yet another huge motivational reason to make the change to cutting down on alcoholic drinks. Try it for yourself, see how much you have spent on the last month on alcohol and look at how much you could be saving just by even making a few slight changes with cutting your alcohol consumption.


Overall there are so many positive benefits to cutting down on your alcohol consumption. If you are feeling each week that you are drinking too much alcohol and wanting to make an immediate change to your routine and diet, why not give these different proven actions a go, what’s the worst that can happen? Make the adjustment today with your diet and see how this change positively transforms your every day and working life both mentally and physically.

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