How To Never Get A Hangover – 5 Simple Tips

Ok, so before we get into the steps to take, this isn’t going to be your natural remedy blog talking about how to deal with a hangover after you’ve gone until the early hours of the morning drinking alcohol.

This article is going to concentrate on actually enjoying having a few drinks without the need to even think about a hangover the next day.

I used to spend a lot of my early twenties drinking until the cows came home throughout the week and thinking I could just brush it off the next morning. Sadly though because my body was physically and mentally exhausted from trying to get rid of the toxic liquid I was putting into my body, I used to wake up with horrible splitting headaches.

Luckily in my mid twenties I found a cure. I found that I could actually enjoy a night in or out with my friends without needing to rely on alcohol to give me the high that I thought I needed.

The actual breakthrough was just doing it. Going one night with my friends without alcohol and I actually did it as a bet. I ended up scanning all of the menus for non-alcoholic options and was actually surprised with the variety of different drinks that were on offer.

I also found that I wasn’t flagging or crashing like my friends were a few hours into the session and felt that I had a natural high, almost a placebo effect.

What I found from that evening was that you really don’t need to drink alcohol in order to have fun and enjoy a night out. I felt it actually came from the vibe of the night and being in control of my own state that gave me the buzz to keep going.

Ready to learn how to never get a hangover?man hangover

Focus On Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Have Natural Stimulants

We all love a cup of tea or a coffee in the morning, but we don’t necessarily get headaches from them. Yet inside of us, the caffeine is stimulating your brain and nervous system to effectively work faster and harder. Hence why you feel a buzz if you drink caffeinated drinks compared to just having a glass of water.

With non-alcoholic drinks on a night out, if you can find mixers or non-alcoholic spirits that have botanicals or natural stimulants in them, you actually find that you get the same feeling drinking them as you do an alcoholic drink. 

We love the Three Spirit range because they focus on natural stimulants and clean caffeine in all their drinks. Yet with no alcohol, you can make a few cocktails, enjoy your night because of the natural stimulants and wake up the next morning without a splitting headache.

The great feeling we get when we go out usually comes from the stimulants in drinks, not the alcohol itself. Save yourself the headache and focus on drinks that give the same effect.

We discuss in this article why hangovers occur and what other damage is done to your body for the sake of a few alcoholic drinks:

Go For Drinks That You Will Really Enjoy

How many people drink alcohol to get drunk? How many people really enjoy the taste of the alcohol they are consuming?

A lot of individuals love the taste of wine or love the crisp taste of a beer or cider which is of course, fair enough. However if you could get close to the exact same taste and with the same stimulating feeling, why would you realistically choose an alcoholic alternative?

Just like buying mainstream alcoholic drinks, you tend to get what you pay for and it’s just the same when choosing non-alcoholic alternatives. If you pick a cheap glucose filled beer from one of the mainstream companies, you are going to get a boring taste experience (unless you like that kind of taste!)

Where if you go for specific non-alcoholic companies that focus fully on flavour, you can get pretty much the same taste as you would drinking a standard alcoholic drink.

If you want to see our favourite tasting beer alternatives, you can read our article on beer specifically here:

You can also see our best recommendations for wine alternatives here:

Choose Health Over Short Term Gratification

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We all know that drinking alcohol is a toxic poison to our body. When we drink alcohol, we are looking for a short term effect to make us feel happy, positive and potentially more talkative! We don’t drink alcohol for the feeling to last 24 hours, we do it for a few hours, so that tells us that we drink alcohol for short term gratification.

Knowing that we really only drink alcohol for a few hours for this feeling really begs the question, why do we do it? The cost on our pockets, as well as our health does make you wonder why people jeopardise their health for such a small burst of excitement.

Choosing botanical drinks or medicinal alcoholic alternatives that give us not only vitamin and health benefits but also a natural stimulant, make choosing non-alcoholic drinks a lot easier. If you know that what you are putting inside of your body is going to do it good, you feel better in mind and in body and you also get the same kick and natural highs as most alcoholic drinks.

Find Local Bars That Focus On Alcoholic Alternatives

There are so many bars around now that have a ‘designated driver’ section in their menu, that it actually makes it really easy to plan a night out and not have to search far and wide to find great alcohol alternatives.

Bar chains like ‘The Botanist’ or ‘Brewhouse and Kitchen’ in the UK, offer a wide variety of non-alcoholic tipples that focus on taste and flavour as much as their alcoholic options. ‘Brewhouse and Kitchen’ have a fridge full of stunning and flavourful non-alcoholic beers, whereas ‘The Botanist’ have a stunning range of mocktails that really do taste as good as the alcoholic range.

You also find that the alcoholic alternatives in these bars tend to be half the price of the alcoholic versions, so not only do you feel great at the end of the night, but you have twice the money in your pocket in glass

Aim For Mineral Water and Ice Where Possible

We can still get headaches the morning after a night out even if we are drinking non-alcoholic alternatives, but the reason isn’t alcohol, its because you may just be dehydrated. Only one thing can solve this and it comes in two different forms. 

Mineral water tends to be the main ingredient in a non-alcoholic beer. The reason we want mineral water is for the minerals. Without minerals, our body can’t function in the way it needs too and if we drink water without minerals, you actually urinate all of the minerals out of our body. So it’s an important thing to look for when choosing any drink.

The other option is to choose a mocktail and ask for lots of ice. Ice is an easy way to get more water into your drink without it tasting watered down. Be aware that not all ice is equal. You want ice made out of mineral water instead of normal tap water which has less natural minerals because of the filtration system. So its worth asking the bar if the ice is made from mineral water. 

If the ice is from an unknown source, the other option is to get a bottle of still or sparkling water and top up your cocktail which will already likely be cold from the mixers or shook with ice. You will get the same taste and flavour even if you top up your drink, the same as if you had it packed full of ice.

Either way, this is the fastest, sure-fire way to get rid of any pesky headaches the morning drunk


I did say that this article would be less about medicating the drinking of alcohol and more about not having to contend with the issue to begin with. And I hope this has given you some enlightening insights to make some changes and maybe even look to half your drinking nights out.

Either way there has never been more opportunity to have the same level of fun and entertainment on a night out than there is now with all the alternatives available. Choose to do it for one night and I promise you, you will be doing it more often.

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