Peroni 0.0 Review

Since their first brewery opened in 1846, the Peroni family have been brewing authentic Italian beer. Using quality local ingredients and fresh glacial water from the mountains of northern Italy, the distinctive light, refreshing taste of Peroni was soon known across the country. Through refining the flavours in 1963 to become the Peroni Nastro Azzurro taste we currently know and love, this influence spread globally. In 2005, the brand was re-launched, using the sleek green bottles and minimalist labels we recognise today. Each bottle bears the Peroni family mark, proudly displaying its authentic Italian origins.

In 2018, Peroni rolled out their first non-alcoholic alternative beer, the Peroni Libera. This was made from a slow-fermenting yeast that doesn’t produce alcohol. However, there was still a difference in taste between the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variations. This led to the question: why should those wishing to avoid alcohol have to compromise on taste?

In April 2022, Peroni announced their latest innovation: Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%, an alcohol-free variant of their signature beer. New technology was installed in their Rome brewery; now, the signature Nastro Azzurro recipe could be brewed and then de-alcoholised. This meant that the characteristics, profile, and taste of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers were almost identical. When tested, 90% of consumers said they couldn’t tell the difference. peroni barrels

Why Peroni Made A 0.0 Alcohol Alternative

There is a global cultural shift towards drinking less alcohol. An increasing number of adults in countries where alcohol is legal are confessing to being tee-total (20.4% of the UK population stated they were alcohol-free in 2017). Peroni cannot ignore the change in demand for alcohol-free products; rather than viewing this shift as a limitation on the reach of their beers, they must view it as an opportunity to reach a completely new market through innovation.

The health hazards associated with drinking are well known. Having a cold beer or a glass of wine after a long day at work is one of the most common ways to relax, but this can have long-term effects on our bodies. Too much alcohol can negatively affect your heart, your liver, and your immune system, to name a few. Alcohol use also brings a risk of other issues developing such as cancer, high blood pressure, liver disease and digestive problems.

As well as physical health, alcohol use can affect our mental health. Alcohol is a depressant, which alters the neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) in our brains. This can lead to changes in mood, feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. Research shows that people who drink alcohol are more likely to develop mental health problems. Transitioning to non-alcoholic drinks can lead to less anxiety, fewer hangovers, better sleep, as well as feeling more present and in control of your life.

By providing a non-alcoholic alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste or satisfaction, brands such as Peroni can stay ahead of trends while protecting people’s health. In addition to this, it makes the Peroni brand more accessible to a broader range of people. Many people do not drink due to religious, moral or health reasons, and Peroni’s new 0.0% range allows them to bring the refreshing taste of Nastro Azzurro to more people than ever before.

How Much Are Peroni Spending To Make A Non Alcoholic Alternative?

The world is changing for the drinkers. Revenue in the non-alcoholic beer segment amounts to US $31.92 billion in 2022. This is expected to grow by 13.44% annually. The market potential of non-alcoholic products is clear to see; the world has awaited more high-end products for some time now.

Peroni has invested over 20 million euros in creating Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%, Which is the biggest innovation to date for the company. The alcohol alternative they claim to have created is considered the world’s best non-alcoholic beer; we’ll let you decide that for yourself. Peroni has claimed that you will taste the same authentic Italian flavours as the standard drink, as 90% of consumers did in surveys. 

Where Are They Advertising Their Non Alcoholic Alternative? 

The Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One team and Peroni 0.0% have entered into a multi-year partnership to promote their non-alcoholic alternative. As one of the first-ever alcohol-free beers on the market, Peroni Libera 0.0% was a fashionable and aspirational introduction to the world of beer. This innovation continues with the introduction of the Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%, which made its debut on the Aston Martin Cognizant team cars and kits in April 2022. Almost 60 years after leaving Formula One, the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One team is ready to return to the forefront of motorsport; this partnership is likely to prove fruitful for both parties involved. aston martin f1

Besides, this partnership will showcase Peroni 0.0% to an international audience passionate about alcohol-free products. At prestigious events around the world encompassing the entire Formula One calendar, Peroni 0.0% will be served in the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team motorhome. The team is also planning city centre activations, and a content series featuring champion Sebastian Vettel and Canadian Lance Stroll, the 22-year-old fifth-year Formula 1 racer.

In its ambitious plan to have 20% of its portfolio in non-alcoholic products by 2030, Peroni’s parent company, Asahi Europe & International, relies heavily on the partnership. This plan shows the dedication of Asahi and Peroni to becoming pioneers in non-alcoholic products.

What Is The Future of Peroni 0.0?

As one of the fastest-growing non-alcoholic brands, Peroni 0.0% is considered a gateway drink for consumers curious about non-alcoholic options. 

Currently, there is a 330ml glass version of the Peroni 0.0 available in the UK and Ireland since the launch in April. In addition to pots, 330ml cans are available through several retailers, including Mitchells & Butlers, Greene King, and Kingfisher.

According to new research after the pandemic, a larger number of no- and low-alcohol beers are fueling growth at bars and restaurants and are a testament to the changing mindsets about consumption in the industry, something that Peroni 0.0 will play a part in well into the future. Peroni 0.0 is a fast-growing product among consumers. Ultimately, the growing popularity of the beverage will mean its eventual rollout to drafts so we can all experience the drink straight from the tap. 

From 14 April, a comprehensive marketing campaign, including television and digital, will support the launch. The alcohol alternative is expected to jump in sales and revenue after launching the product. 

Does Peroni 0.0 Taste Good? 

There is a distinct citrus and spice aroma in the background of this 0.0% release, along with hints of pale malt. When you pour the larger into a glass you get the expected pale gold liquid, perhaps slightly lighter in colour than what you’d expect. The carbonation is good, notably less than the full alcoholic but you’re still rewarded with a slightly frothy head which does recede quickly.  

To taste its unmistakably Peroni, the use of Nostrano dell’Isola maize comes through which adds a distinctive sweetness that is easily identifiable to taste and really sets it apart from other lagers. It is less sweet than the Libera 0.0% previously on offer, which may have put some off from switching to the alcohol-free alternative. tasting non-alcoholic beer

I had mine straight out of the fridge and the overall flavour from chilled was very enjoyable; a crisp and refreshing beer that didn’t suffer a huge amount of metallic aftertaste, something we see in a lot of non-alcoholic beers. 

In a nutshell, this beer will be a very satisfying drink with a full hoppy flavour and a hint of citrus, resulting in a crisp, dry finish. If you are a fan of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, you are likely to enjoy its alcohol-free alternative, and may even forget that you have made the switch; a victory for designated drivers everywhere.

Final Words

With its 0.0% alcohol content, Peroni 0.0% beer is crafted with Italian passion and flair. A tried and tested recipe using the signature Italian Nostrano dell Isola Maize, de-alcoholised by their impressive new technology, provides a fantastic taste that stands on its own two feet next to the alcoholic standard. I think we’re all excited to see the launch and success that Peroni 0.0 will continue to have as it rolls out throughout the UK and the world. 

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