What Non-Alcoholic Drinks Can I Have Whilst Pregnant?

Being pregnant and bringing new life into the world is hugely exciting, but there’s a big problem here! Indeed, while being pregnant is an experience to cherish and remember for a lifetime – after all, for most people, you’ll only get the chance to experience this unique feeling a couple of times during your life! – it doesn’t come without its sacrifices. And for many women, perhaps one of the most prominent sacrifices you’ll have to make is giving up on alcohol for nine/ten months until the little one’s here, potentially longer if you are choosing to breast feed.

For many women, especially those experiencing pregnancy for the first time, this can come as quite a shock to the system! But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be limited to water, squash and soft drinks during pregnancy to keep things ticking along as normal. Instead, why not consider giving non-alcoholic beverages a try to keep things interesting while pregnant (without risking the health of your little bundle of joy)?

The Importance of Avoiding Alcohol While Pregnant

While we won’t spend too much time focusing on the negatives of avoiding alcohol while pregnant, we all know it’s a big “no-no” – but it’s still worth being aware of some of the potential risks. Being aware of the damage that alcohol consumption can do during pregnancy can provide you with the motivation you need to steer clear of that oh-so-tempting bottle of wine, after all. 

Some of the most prominent risks of consuming alcohol while pregnant include the following risks:

  • Developmental difficulties with weakened joints, bones, and muscles due to calcium deficiency.
  • Impulse control difficulties.
  • Brain damage and trouble with speech and communication growing up.
  • Miscarriage, premature birth or low birthweights

These are just some of the potential challenges you may face with your pregnancy if you consume alcohol while pregnant. Moreover, since everyone processes alcohol differently, there’s no safe level to consume; any alcohol you consume could pass to your baby across the placenta and as your consumption increases, the risk only heightens. As such, to be safe (for both your pregnancy and your baby’s health), it’s best to steer clear of all alcoholic drinks. pregnant woman

Why Stick With Boring Drink Options? Enjoy Drinks During Pregnancy Instead!

At this point, we’ve clarified that drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy can be so dangerous, both for the baby’s health and the pregnancy overall. But what can you do about this? Does this mean that pregnant women are doomed to subsisting solely on boring drinks or soft drinks until the little one’s made its much-anticipated arrival?

Well, no! While this was something that many pregnant women in the past had little option but to put up with, the modern market is so much more versatile. Thanks to the rapid rollout of more and more non-alcoholic alternative drinks, it’s become easier than ever to avoid alcohol during pregnancy. So, why be limited to dull, boring drinks during pregnancy – there are options (and we’ll be looking at a few of our top picks shortly).

Choose to Enjoy Pregnancy and The Benefits of Drinking Well 

Your pregnancy is a magical and special time and your work to create a new person is simply astounding. However, being pregnant requires you to make some sacrifices, as almost every pregnant woman will agree; still, while sacrificing alcohol doesn’t have to mean you can’t still enjoy the experience! Even without the alcohol, you can still get out and about with loved ones and friends for a fun night out – just look to avoid the alcoholic drinks and enjoy the many great alternatives on offer.

Plus, it’s also worth considering that avoiding alcohol and drinking well may also provide numerous key benefits to your own health and happiness. So, it’s a great opportunity to naturally cut back on your alcohol consumption and discover the health and happiness benefits this could provide!

Change Your Cravings for Alcohol By Choosing Great Alternatives!

It’s natural to miss alcoholic beverages when you become pregnant – after all, most of us have at least one drink a week in a social or relaxed home environment, if not heading out for a night out. 

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that you’ll likely find it a little shocking and difficult to miss out on alcohol once you discover that you’re pregnant. However, those cravings for alcohol don’t have to be something you suffer for nine months; instead, you can change your alcohol cravings by choosing great alternatives, instead!

Here are some of our favourites and ideas for you to try and make pregnancy drinking creative! pregnant lady silhouette

5 Excellent Alcohol Alternatives We Recommend: 

So what non-alcoholic drinks can you have whilst pregnant?

#1 Alcohol-Free Red Wine: Win-e Tempranillo Spanish Red Non-Alcoholic Wine

Made from premium Tempranillo grapes, there’s a delightful, genuine red wine flavour with this delicious bottle and it’s the perfect alcohol-free substitute to enjoy during and after pregnancy. In fact, this incredible wine is created using traditional methods, but with the alcohol removed after production using the Spinning Cone Column technique, giving a genuine and authentic experience that doesn’t leave you missing out. 

#2 Alcohol-Free White Wine

Prefer the more subtle flavours of white wine? No problem; the McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc could be perfect. It’s got a wide combination of different notes, including citrus, gooseberry, and passionfruit, with just a little lime and hints of grass – a complex and sweet combination that’s easy to drink.

#3 Alcohol-Free Beer: Drop Bear Beer

One of the most delicious non-alcoholic beer alternatives is the Drop Bear Beer Co collection, which has won numerous awards for its incredible range – including an award from the World Beer Awards! With so many different products on offer in the range, there’s a little something for everyone; our personal favourite has to be the Tropical IPA, we recommend giving this one a try if you love any of the Brewdog or Tiny Rebel range.

The reason we like the range is because of their drive to create a collection of greats. They aren’t just going for a 0.0 lager or just an alternative to their alcoholic versions, Drop Bear Beer have gone for a 4 product range (and counting!) with the exceptional Bonfire Stout which really does sit at the top of the tree when it comes to non-alcoholic stout. We really like the Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout as well, however the Drop Bear Bonfire Stout definitely goes up against it in terms of taste.

Pentire Adrift Alcohol Free Spirit 0 ABV

#4 Alcohol-Free Gin and Tonic Pentire – Adrift

Love gin and tonic? Well, “alcohol-free G&T” doesn’t have to just be a glass of tonic water anymore – and Pentire’s Adrift alcohol-free gin could be perfect for this goal. It’s still got the wonderfully warming, tingly flavour we all love from gin, but without the alcohol content – making it an excellent, plant-based alternative to opt for during (and maybe even after) pregnancy. 

This is on the higher end of the price spectrum when it comes to non-alcoholic gins, however we love it because they really do go for that classic botanical flavour that a lot of the mainstream gin companies cannot get in their non-alcoholic ranges.

#5 Alcohol-Free Clean Co Rum

Completely alcohol-free yet still delivering a warming and powerful kick, this is undeniably one of the most delicious and authentic alcohol-free spirits on the market. It’s ideal paired with ginger ale and coke alike, so it’s an excellent option for mixing. 

This is one of the closest alternatives we could (and we love trying non-alcoholic alternatives!) its gentle spice and tastes great with coke and a slice of lime. It contains a small amount of rum, however we really do mean small. You would have to drink 6 bottles of this rum alternative neat to feel drunk, so it’s entirely safe during pregnancy. clean co rum

Final Thoughts

There are numerous risk factors and potential consequences associated with drinking alcohol while pregnant – but that’s not to say you have to be completely restricted in your options. Indeed, while drinking alcoholic beverages, its strongly recommended against and this can have numerous impacts on your baby’s development and health. Non-alcoholic beverages can be excellent alternatives to consider if you don’t want to settle for sparkling water or cordials.

Who knows – while giving up on alcohol for nine long months can seem like a major challenge, for many women, it doesn’t have to be quite as difficult as it seems. You might even find a new way to drink after pregnancy too – helping you avoid the consequences of drinking too much alcohol and allowing you the chance to lead a healthier, low-alcohol lifestyle overall.

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